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Beachfront Condo

What a lovely Beachfront Condo!

If your kitchen window framed a gorgeous ocean view, and if your dining room table were perched on a balcony above the Pacific, would you find more time to cook and dine with loved ones?

If you lived in a beachfront paradise, would you spend more time walking along the sand, renewing your mind, body, and soul?

There are few lifestyles that can bring more peace and gratification than finding an oceanfront home in Costa Rica. Strict laws limit development along this country’s pristine coastline, leaving beaches fringed with jungle in a truly harmonious landscape.

Las Brisas del Mar

This comfortable Beachfront Condo is part of the Las Brisas del Mar condominium complex, one of a select number of properties that will ever be built – and granted a fee simple title – within the precious strip of land closest to the water. The complex is nestled in Playa Junquillal, a charming residential community where a minimal level of development has not affected residents’ high quality of life.

The condo (2 BR/2 BA, 2nd story) has been continually improved over the years while its owners have lovingly used it as a vacation home. They invested in a full custom kitchen – featuring hardwood cabinetry – remodeled bathrooms, upgraded doors, and windows and brought in high quality furniture for comfort.

Las Brisas del Mar has fiber optic internet connections available, allowing new owners to live in an absolute oasis of tranquility while working online or staying connected with family anywhere in the world.

Whether your goal is to disconnect from a busier life or to re-connect loved ones and yourself, you will find no better place to do so. Contact us for more information.

Playa Junquillal

Junquillal (Hoon-key-yal) is a quiet, secure community with only 300-500 year-round expats. Perhaps its biggest advantage is that a paved highway ends very close by – residents drive less than a mile on a dirt road to get to TP’s entrance or the pristine beach, whereas the drive to many other places in Costa Rica can involve a very long, bumpy ride. The community also has one of the best water resources in the region – its infrastructure is much better than most communities that have stayed this small, quiet and secure.

The majority of the expats that live here are getting close to or at retirement age. The area also brings a lot of surfers, as it is located within a stretch of about four miles of beach that has 19 surf breaks.

This Brisas del Mar unit has the absolutely rare caveat of actually staring into the barrel of a very good but rarely surfed right breaking reef wave. To the south, across the estuary, are various waves as well that are easy to get to from the condo but surfed only a handful of times each year.

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