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  • Year Built : 1.490,00 m2
  • Lot size : 2000
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Home sweet home

You can’t imagine how many inquiries we have throughout the year for beachfront homes at a reasonable budget. Not everyone is liquid for a multimillion dollar beachfront home…heck, we aren’t either! Well, here it is, your Cozy Beachfront Home dream come true.

This happy home

The current owners of this Cozy Beachfront Home are those that bought the lot and built it to their needs. They are moving up in age now and are ready to complete this 20 year cycle of their lives. They designed the home in combination with their lifestyle. Playa Negra’s surf was the key to the design, construction, and realization of this dream for them. This cute and cozy home is simple and cohesive. When entering the driveway of the 1/3 acre beachfront, one feels like they have come home. It is a simple two story home. On the first floor, the pool awaits on the south side of the home and welcomes you as you enter the stairs to get to the living spaces. Additionally, on this ground level is a secure garage with ample storage and separate lockable storage space to boot. Step by step as you glide up the stairs the ocean view increases further and greets you as the warm tropical breeze cuddles you. You arrive to a large beachfront covered terrace where the tropical green palms and the deep dark pacific play with the senses. Walk inside the home and you find a cozy kitchen and dining area on the right and a nice living on the left. There are two bedrooms that share a bathroom here as well. This home comes furnished and rental ready.

Playa Negra

This region of Costa Rica is the sunniest, driest part of the country with virtually no rain from December through May, ensuring you can enjoy the beaches and adventures every day. Even the rainy season is very moderate with occasional rainfall and comfortable, cooler temperatures.

Playa Negra isn’t off the beaten path anymore. There are great restaurants, new infrastructure, and a paved road that is five minutes away. There is fiber-optic internet, telephone, satellite t.v., and 3G cel service. You’ll find that Playa Negra is the Costa Rica you fell in love with and you will be glad that it is close enough to Tamarindo and Santa Cruz but just far enough as well.

Playa Negra has long been known for its incredible waves. However, in recent years the type of tourist has changed from the surfer who came to get some barrels to the upper middle class and they are building million dollar beachfront homes for the myriad that want to come and be in a truly authentic section of Costa Rica.

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