Street Front Profitable Restaurant Priced To Sell


The chance to own a vibrant, successful Street Front Profitable Restaurant in the heart of Tamarindo is rare. To find one as affordable as this is a one-off.

Street Front Profitable Restaurant, The Shrimp Hole

With a capacity of 55 seats, this indoor/outdoor restaurant has been capturing hearts, taste buds and 5* reviews since its inception in 2014. Originally a street food ‘hole’ in the wall it quickly became one of Tamarindo’s niche hangouts with some of the best Shrimp and fresh seafood in town. In 2019 the owners expanded into an indoor unit to increase the kitchen space and supply the demand they had created as well as offer diners a more personal air-conditioned indoor option.

With the bar and just over half of the seating outdoors and in prime street front location, passers by simply cannot help themselves by coming into the visually pleasing outdoor seating area of the fresh and air-conditioned inside area. A menu revamp combined with the new indoor space saw the numbers climb in 2019 and were on course to be bettered in 2020. Nestled in the top 10 restaurants in Tamarindo on TripAdvisor, making this a fantastic opportunity to own a successful business here in Costa Rica.

Included in this sale is the 22 seating indoor restaurant on 2 floors with an equipped kitchen, a 20ft preparation container to be used as cold/dry storage also, the 33 outdoor seats and road front bar and deck. The inventory is worth over $50k. The lease is current to November 2021 with a 3 year rolling lease available afterward and all up to date business licensing is to be included.

Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo is a surf town that went a long way from being a little fishermen’s village to become the main tourist hub of the region, where you can find almost any service or amenity that you need. There are plenty of activities to do! Boredom will be a word to forget.

Sometimes, moving to the tropics doesn’t necessarily mean that you end up living in the middle of the jungle. If jungle life isn’t for you, well, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dreams. There are plenty of alternatives. Tamarindo might be the best place for you to plant your roots.

This is an expats town with a truly multicultural background. It is a place where nature coexists with quality infrastructure and fun coexist with peace. As with many other tropical beach towns, Tamarindo is not an exception in that you can choose to live in the towns main hotspot or a more residential area but still enjoy a morning walk with coffee in hand to get to the crystalline sands of the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout the year, Tamarindo temperatures stay wonderfully consistent. The warmest month of the year, April, averages a high of 34 °C (93 °F), while the cooler months, September, October, and November, average highs of 29 °C (84 °F).

This turnkey, well reviewed, popular restaurant will sell quickly.

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